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Video Production – Big Business

Armed with an in-depth knowledge of digital technology, Moving Bits create visually astounding corporate videos and television commercials for highly exclusive brands. With a huge focus on corporate clients, Moving Bits houses creative, production and post-production teams all under one roof, demonstrating an uncanny instinct for all things new in the rapidly-changing media landscape.

From the start, Moving Bits worked with some of the world’s biggest corporate names in the market, telling their stories with the use of moving image. From a simple 30 seconds commercial to an intricate 2-minute long marketing video, right through to the 5 minutes corporate image piece, Moving Bits have envisioned some moving stories. It is no wonder then that The Smithsonian Channel brands them as one of “the world’s best nonfiction producers”.

Moving Bits represents the epitome of an orchestrated creative video production house, having won local and international awards over the span of a rewarding 17 years. Nowadays, live video is more engaging than recorded video, as can be seen from the rise of Facebook Live and Instagram Stories. Top companies realize that building great communities engenders long-term brand loyalty. Videos are still the biggest and fastest growing trend on the block when it comes to valuable marketing and visual storytelling.

Expect to see leading companies in Singapore embrace video production with enthusiasm, with definitively no signs of ever slowing down, heralding this new dawn of social media video marketing.