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Video Production – Documentaries & Originals

Moving Bits is a stellar video production company in Singapore, creating visually stunning and intellectually engaging content that captures the hearts and minds of Singaporeans. By creating authentic connection and delivering meaningful messages through our various documentaries and originals, Moving Bits strives to explore and divulge the many possibilities of media production today.

By putting ourselves in our consumer’s minds, we tap on the introspective nature of documentaries and original content, ensuring that viewers immerse in the captivating experience. The value of documentaries in Singapore in providing insightful knowledge into culture and humanity is significant yet understated. From concept to delivery, we springboard our specialization in an extensive range of video production services with the sole purpose of laying the foundation for your brand’s vision.

While we acknowledge that every project is unique, our approach to reaching your goals remains consistent. This has led to us being able to produce a wide variety of unique video content, originals included, that marry fact to fiction for local and international audiences. Over the years, we have acquired a deeper understanding of the web and social media enabling us to efficiently produce video content for our clients on many different levels.

Exceptional content starts with an excellent creative. Moving Bits is an orchestrated video production force that’s built on a rock solid reputation. When it comes to documentaries and originals, our work is authentic, honest and true. Staying at the forefront of technology allows our video productions to utilize the most advanced tools in the industry further refining our storytelling process. Whether you want to reach millions to raise brand awareness or drive conversions for a select few, Moving Bits delivers results.