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Video Production – Experiential Design

There’s no denying that user experience was huge in 2017, with almost everything ranging from product interfaces and onboarding process to the content made available for consumption via multiple digital platforms. Experiential design is a vital organ for Moving Bits featuring the development and creation of moving visual content that involves the masses, or solo audience interaction. Videos that play on the huge screens of shopping malls, or the small screen of our digital devices created by Moving Bits, consistently focus on driving across this unique experience for consumers.

Designing with user experience in mind will continue to be a top priority as video production in Singapore rolls into the new year. Designers are already starting to experiment with concepts such as Augmented Reality and 360 Videos, showing that progress is not a binary, but rather an experience that exists along an infinite spectrum. Our goal as creative producers is to evoke emotions that produce desired outcomes.

Trends, by definition, come and go, but our mission to further enhance the cutting edge of Singapore’s Video Production capabilities remains the same, to make people’s lives better. Personalized experiences that stem from video production or conversational interfaces are definitely seeing a rise, due to the fact that people are demanding a more customized interaction.

In 2018, many apps and websites have a multitude of things vying for our attention. Moving Bits rises above by understanding that images that move will win out. There are plenty of bells and whistles to make a product look good, but video content represents a vital part of design this year. Well curated, and easily accessible, video ultimately refines the appeal to its intended users whether the content is featured via web or mobile.