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Video Production – New Media

The advent of new media is plausible in the 21st century and has been constantly evolving, with cutting-edge advancements coming along this year. The demand for video production in Singapore is now accustomed more than ever before, with the diverse social media platforms ranging from Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Whether it’s a brief campaign teaser, a more comprehensive movie trailer or a modern cinemagraph, 2018 will bring about unique possibilities and fresher perspectives through video production.

Moving Bits specializes in an extensive range of video production, featuring video content ranging from digital advertisements to intricate music videos. Today, brands are establishing content marketing campaigns that work seamlessly across all mediums. The rationale for the rise of video production is due to the sole fact that a video is instantly amplified when you place it on paid social media platforms, and sweeps the masses once influencers start sharing the video.

Video production in Singapore has been growing in popularity in recent years because of its significance to social algorithms. Due to the advent of new media, video production is one of the more vital formats for brands to leverage on for the sole purpose of eliciting higher engagement. What was once said to be a novel gimmick has now integrated itself into social media. There are new trends that will impact users and brands alike, further boosting the value of video production in today’s digital marketing age.